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Select number of players and goals per player and the difficulty for each goal. Note that this difficulty applies to each goal generated. So more goals on a harder level are way tougher than fewer goals on a easier level. Also three goals on easy level might very well be harder than two goals on a medium level. If you instead have a scenario number entered this scenario will be generated. Reset scenario will clear all goals and the scenario number so that a new scenario can be generated. If you accidentally reset the scenario you can find the scenario number in the previous scenarios drop down.
The page is standalone and doesn't use any server access once loaded, so no internet access is needed after initial page load and all images have been cached. History between page loads are lost.
The scenario numbers should be exportable, so that if you copy a scenario generated by another person on another machine you should end up with the same goals. This makes it possible to view the same scenario on different machines, eliminating the need to pass a single machine around between players. Do note that there is no guarantee that the scenario number is reusable over time. Different versions of this generator will not produce the same scenarios for the same scenario number.
The Scenario drop down is populated with the default scenarios, but will store also the scenarios generated or played during this session. You can select a previous scenario and regenerate it to review the goals.
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